Pet Policy

We are pet friendly!

Mega Air are Pet friendly
All of our flights are pet friendly
  • You can add your pet to your reservation when you book.
  • IMPORTANT: All animals must have current and appropriate documentation for international travel, Including a microchip.
  • Your pet(s) will accompany you in the cabin during you flight.
  • We require a dog create and/or muzzle to be handy in case it is needed.

Pets reservations are recommended. Only one pet per aircraft may be booked confirmed space; however,multiple live animals from the same family are permitted on the same aircraft. Multiple pets from different families may not permitted on the same aircraft. Pets are approved for travel on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • 1-40 pounds $100(space permitting only,round trip & 60.00 one way)
  • Over 40 lbs: @ a cost of a ticket.The pet will accompany your in the cabin during your flight.For our larger pets,we will take out a seat so that there is plenty of room for them to sit by you.