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Cargo Services

Cargo Services

Contact us with your payment details to finalize your package shipment. Monday-Friday 8:30am-3:30pm: +954-274-6214 or by email:

Please fill the C-44 form here.

Shipping Address:
1020 West Cypress Creek Rd Hanger 3
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport FL 33309

Everyone who will be shipping cargo must be registered:

Important No Hazmat or Dangerous Goods (DG) can be shipped in baggage or cargo.

  • Packages are considered delivered based on the signed and or delivered date of package(s).

  • Packages must be paid in full before schedule for delivery.

  • For all shipments, the billable weight will be the greater of the actual weight or the dimensional weight. Dimensional weight is calculated using the standard UPS formula of ((WxHxL)/166) x $2.00 or weight x $2.00 whichever is greater.

  • Minimum $25 for 1-15 lbs.

  • Import duties may apply to all shipments to the Bahamas.

  • Special handling charges may apply on exceptionally bulky or heavy items. We transport fragile, precious and perishable items; this service requires express shipping Fresh food - fruit, fish, meats Flowers Dogs big and small

  • Ask for "express" and your package will receive the express service! It may costs extra but it’s a must ride item

  • Storage fees may apply.

  • Use our address to shop online. ( No additional charge )


Mega Air is your one stop shop for all of your shipping needs into the islands! Mega Air is a part 135 charter on demand providing passengers -cargo service into the Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean. We offer regular flights into Abaco.

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